Posted 02/26/2021

Hello everyone! Please keep in mind this is all very labor intensive and costly. Things will be different for a while.

Bingo Programs are available for download and printing at our website 

Hours will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday . 
Afternoons  doors open at 10:30am, session starts at 12 NOON,  session should end around2:30pm

Evenings doors open at 4:30 Session starts at 6:00pm should end close to 8:30pm

HEADS UP … so pay attention here please 🙂  Starting March 5th we are going to open on a first come 1st serve basis , NO Reservations… None…. not even on the tables.  We have limited space 25% of capacity (679 x 25%  equals 169) so depending on group sizes (Single Family groups of 5 or less, Couples and Individuals) we can seat from 83 to  roughly 160 people while keeping individuals, couples and family groups of up to 5 people six foot apart.

     Entry will be through the Front doors Only. Everyone will be required to wear a mask and stay 6 foot distanced. We will provide a mask if you don’t have one.  Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the bingo hall. Everyone will be Temperature checked on entry, Employees and Customers. We will hand you a color coded card and we will seat you. there are 16 cards for each color, we will call a color and then you will be able to get in line to buy your cards… sorry only 16 spaces (6 foot apart) available for the sales line at a time. The hand held units?…will be behind the sales counter and issued at sale, sanitizer wipes will be available for customers to use on the unit if they so choose. We will sell paper just like before.

SNACK BAR ? For now the snack bar will be limited to pre packaged goods, candy bars, chips, can pop etc, no self serve anything. We will not have the workers available to make and serve food or drinks.  The snackbar will be staffed by a cashier during beginning sales and Intermission only.

PULL TABS ? Yes they will be sold. HOW ?…  look  here for an update later 🙂  hey got to have a teaser for the next post right ? hehe

During session a sanitation solution of bleach (no scented stuff) and clean rags will be used by the employees to wipe all contact surfaces on a rolling basis.

All customers will have to leave the building after session, taking all of their daubers and belongings with them so we can sanitize the Bingo hall.  you will leave your trash in your provided receptacle, and leave your hand held unit on the table.  Used chairs, tables and the floor will be sanitized, then the tables will be washed. Hand Held units sanitized and placed back in the charging racks, used trash cans will be sanitized and relined with a fresh liner.  Bathrooms will be thoroughly cleaned after each session. All sales counters sanitized.

We will depend on all of you to help this happen and make it workable.

Posted 02/21/2021

NO! This is not your imagination… YES…. this is Pretend BingoDarla and Pretend BingoWayne (in the picture) Announcing MARCH 5th as a VERY REAL Opening Date for BINGO! The plan is Afternoon and Evening sessions FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY … STARTING MARCH 5th more details to follow throughout this week. Keep an eye here, on our website and feel free to call 509-783-2416.